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Here some of the activities at the church - others are on the way

Praise and worship -  this is a major part of our church life, we believe that God is present when we really bless HIm with our worship.
The Word of God - The bible is Gods revelation to manking of His plan to restore us into peace with Him, our talks are always inspiring and life giving. Ministry - Prayer for the sick and speaking Gods words of encouragement and promise is also central to our life together as a church. Communion - Jesus died and rose again to bring mankind who was far from God close to Him.
Gospel means good news, Sunday evenings is for people who want to know more about Jesus, who want to encounter His presence and power, it is a time of transformation.



Christmas Carols Service
Christmas Day Service
Anniversary Service
Good Friday Service
Easter Day Service
Pentecost Sunday
Remebrance Sunday
Harvest Sunday
Celebration Sundays



In the book of James the scripture says, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you". We believe that the same presence which was with Moses and Abraham, was with Peter, James and John is with us today. As we spend time in His presence we know His love and grace and are blessed deeply by Him



Every Thursday 10.00 till 4.00 the church is open for people to come and pray, be prayed for or to bring in prayer requests. We have people there all day praying over the requests and God has been gracious to answer many, from healings to helping people find a new job. It does not matter if the answer does not come straight away we will keep praying anyway.



The Living Free course is designed to help us see who we were meant to be, from the day we were born God designed us for His goodness, many of us however have not seen this or experienced it. The course helps us to see where we have missed His design and how we can regain it. Fear, intimidation, rejection, anger etc are all things people experience but sometimes they seem to become part of us, they control our lives, we were not designed like this. This teaching will help us come to Live Free from these things.


Dates and times of meetings to be confirmed

If you want to know if a course is running please contact 07747 622425 or email timc.coleman@gmail.com