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               You become what you believe or say

               You believe what you read or hear 

* Eternal life is not just a future expectation it is a present reality.

* Original design is what God determined I would be and it is who
  He says I AM. I say a lot about myself, others have said a lot
  about me, WHO I listen to and believe will determine what I will be


* Don't live and work for God's favour, live and work from His favour

  don't live and work for His approval, live and work from His approval

  don't live and work for the Father's LOVE, live and work from the Father's LOVE. 


  We should live from His presence not for His presence.

* Only in knowing God personally will you know yourself fully.

  True change comes from encounter with God's presence.

  Our completeness is found in His completeness inside us.

  In His presence is fullness, refreshing, healing and LIFE.


* Genesis 5:24-

  "Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him".

  When we walk with God He takes us, so much so that who

  we were no longer exists but Christ lives His life through us


A NEW CREATION - (2 Corinthians 5:17)

God puts His spirit within us, His divine into us. This spirit is free, alive, full of joy, faith, hope and victory. This spirit is ALIVE and lives life to the full, it is complete, perfect, holy and fully secure in God. There is not another work needed. Jesus death on the cross took away the barrier between man and God, between what man is and what man could be in relationship with God. We don't need another work of God, we need to connect with the work already done in us. If life, joy and peace is in my new spirit then it is a question of letting it out than getting more in.

“I can’t afford to live in reaction to darkness. If I do, darkness has had a role in setting the agenda for my life. The devil is not worthy of such influence, even in the negative. Jesus lived in response to the Father. I must learn to do the same.”                                                                               Bill Johnson

“If you don't live by the praise of men you won't die by their criticism.”
Bill Johnson

We and I will always reflect the nature of the world we are most aware of. What we live conscious of is what we will reproduce in the world around us-
Bill Johnson

“When God is serving wine, drink. When He’s serving bread, eat.”
Bill Johnson

“We must get our minds set on spiritual things because as long as we fill our minds with what’s happening in the natural, we restrict our effectiveness.”
Bill Johnson

You were saved when you believed in Jesus, but you got transformed when you realized He believed in you - Kris Vallotton

“Look within, get depressed;
Look around, get distressed;
Look to Jesus, find perfect rest.”
Joseph Prince

“Under the law, even the best failed. Under grace, even the worst can be saved!”
Joseph Prince

“Right believing always leads to right living.”
Joseph Prince

“As long as you continue to have a wrong perception of God and withdraw from Him, the devil can keep you bound in a life of defeat.”
Joseph Prince


* Jesus didnt come to tell us what is wrong with us but what is right with us

  Joseph Prince