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Dorothy and Dev came to our church a number of years ago, attending a bible study on a Thursday evening. They attended regularly and seemed a very happy couple. One night while preparing my notes for the class I was praying and heard God say that I should pray for people at the bible study tonight. He told me when I prayed for Dorothy and Dev I was to say "You will be with child". At first I agreed and was ready to do as He asked. However as the evening came to a close and the time of praying came, I did not obey but said, whatever God wants for you let it come to pass.
I thought I had got away with it until the couple asked if they could speak with me after the meeting. This was the first time they had done this. I went with them into another room and what they said was not what I was expecting. They proceeded to tell me they could not have children and asked if I would pray for them. Immediately I asked them to forgive me for not saying what God had told me to say. I also asked God to forgive me, then I stood over them and declared "You will be with child". They were very grateful and left.
I learned some time later that they had spent much money on three failed attempts at IVF. She had come that night at the point of ending her life because of such depression. Apparently when I declared over them "You will be with child" the depression left and the spirit of death left too.
It was a few months later I was at a conference teaching on miracles when I received a text from Dorothy asking me to call her. When I called she was so exited and told me she was pregnant. Awesome. Their daughter is now seven years old and a beautiful young lady.
Miracles are Gods abilities not ours, I believe that night when God spoke that they would be with child, it was His voice that spoke all into being at creation that spoke again today.
Tim Coleman

Some years ago I developed tennis elbow, a most painful condition. When it was really bad I could not even pick up a mug of tea with extreme pain. I saw the doctor, had injections and did all the exercises the physio. The condition did not improve, it grew worse and more injections seemed the only relief.
As I am the pastor of the church, I believe in leading by example. I believe in miracles so every week would ask people to pray for my elbow. I did this for eighteen months, Why? Well to me faith is not just a one off try it out see if it works faith. I know God alone can do this, so I kept on, Did my faith waver? No, if my faith is determined by answered prayers then many peoples faith including mine would be small if not non existent. 
It is my belief that circumstances do not determine my faith but my faith determines my circumstances. I believed if I continued to believe then things would change. Jesus told us to pray, "Let your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven". 
When I pray for sick people I believe it must be in heaven before it is on earth. I knew my healing was done in heaven, the issue is simply one of timing. As most people I want it now, but I have learned when it does not happen now not to stop praying.
THE MIRACLE - One Tuesday night at our prayer meeting, one of the people at the church was sat there and he felt a pain in his elbow, he spoke out and said, "I have this pain in my elbow, I dont think it is my pain, I think God wants me to pray for someone with a bad elbow". He had not been a christian long but was learning to step out in faith. I said he could pray for me. As he put his hands on my elbow a burning heat went through it, he could feel it and I could feel it too. It was a few words, a few moments, the pain left and nine years later I am still pain free - thank you God.
Tim Coleman


Well God showed up again! This time at my mom's care home in Shard End. I was telling them about the gift of healing, (can't remember how the conversation started but I just jumped in the deep end as usual). I told two of them about a young woman in our church called Steph, how her one leg, which was shorter than the other, grew out in front of our eyes at church as we prayed for her last August. Another carer, Tracey arrived for her shift, hears what we are talking about and says that she has one leg shorter than the other. I ask if I can pray for her and she agrees. I get her to sit down and put another chair under her feet so she is sitting square, sure enough her right leg is shorter than her left by just over half an inch. So I tell her I am going to command her leg to grow in Jesus name and I ask others to watch. So I go for it! "Leg Come out! Come out! I keep repeating and the leg steadily but slowly comes out and after a couple of minutes it's there.

They were all astounded , not least Tracey. Then after she touches her toes I ask if she has any more pain or issues in her body. She says, yes, my right knee. So I said Lord I command a new knee and for all tendons, ligaments and nerves to be restored now in Jesus Name. I prayed for both knees. Then I asked her to try it out, she replied, no more pain but lots of tingling though. That's the Holy Spirit still healing you. Then a loud click from her knee. Oh it's always clicking she said, I said, "No more clicking in Jesus name", and the clicking stopped.


The power is all His, all I have to do is speak out and the Holy spirit uses my words to creatively healed.

Ian Smith


A lady came to the church and was enjoying the worship time when suddenly she realised all pain in her arm which had been there for years left and she could raise her hands fully. Can you imagine the joy?


One of the families in the church rushed their boy to hospital with suspected meningitis, he was very poorly and the prognosis was not good. We prayed for him and the families boy in the next bed with the same condition, the next day both boys were full recovered and the doctors were amased


 A man in the church suffered with these conditions for years, through encounter with the presence and power of the love of God bot of these binding emotions left and he is free to be what God designed him to be. You would not recognise it to be the same person, he is so chnaged


Shame is a powerful weapon in a persons life, restricting and limiting. Many people live with this, but one person in the church has been mightily set free by the love of our Father in heaven. The truth of the love of God can set all kinds of captives free. No matter how deep or dark the shame is, the love of your Father in heaven is higher and is able to lift you higher out of the shame. It was not an instant break through but as this person exposed themselves to the truth about Gods love and began to encounter Gods love, then what the bible says actually happened - "Perfect love casts out fear".