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About us

Regis Christian Fellowship began in 1993 and is committed to working and representing Jesus in the Rowley Regis area. We believe God's desire is for a church where all people can come and find shelter in it's branches, find their purpose in life, pursue individual and collective calls on their lives, and come in contact with the presence, person and power of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The services consist of lively praise and worship, teaching from the Word of God, prayer for the sick and just enjoying the presence of God. Rcf is accepted by other local churches and their ministers in the area, and is part of the local church.

The pastor, Tim Coleman believes God called him to start a work in the Rowley area, in the book of Ezekiel from the bible, chapter 17, he read where God said He would take a tender shoot from a cedar and plant it, it would grow and become a place of safety help for all who came to it.
Starting with 16 people God has blessed and brought many people along who have found God to be true, that they have been changed and blessed by God through what Jesus did for them.

It is a lively church, we believe in preaching the word of God, praying for the sick and worshipping God with all our hearts see our testimony page for examples of Gods blessing on peoples lives
Around 2004 Pastor Tim had an encounter with God. He has been a church goer since early childhood, he has always believed in God, His faith was in the God of the bible. Being able to meet or be in the presence of this God of the bible, to be visited by Him and to have such an encounter that God could speak directly to him, was not something he was looking for, expecting or believing for. The bible however is full of such examples.
During His prayer time one evening, the Holy Spirit asked him, the scripture says, "draw near to me and I will draw near to you, do you want that?" He understood the Spirit was saying this is not just a verse in the bible but an experience we could have. He said, yes. Within a short time God's presence began to fill his room and touch his life. He realised He was in God's presence, God spoke deeply into his life. He had struggled with insecurity and inferiority for a long time, as he heard God speak to him he realised God loved him more than he had ever fully known, and he believed God showed him how he was seen in heaven. These revelations totally transformed his life. He began to share the need for encounter and for God's presence to manifest as we meet together.
Knowing how Heaven, how the God of heaven sees you, especially when what you see is at times the complete opposite to that, will bring transformation if you hear it and believe it. 


Pastor Tim Coleman

To contact us

Phone: 07747 622425  or

E-mail: timc.coleman@gmail.com  

Jesus said;
"Come to me all you
who are weary and 
will give you rest"